To apply for a learner's permit.

Here you can apply for a learner's permit with the health declaration for
driving privileges AM, A1, A, B, BE and tractor license.
These privileges are part of something called Group I.

Note that before the Transport Agency can begin to consider your application for learner's permit, you must have sent in health declaration with eye examination to the Transportation Board
application fee must be paid
You can choose to pay your application for a learner's permit directly through your Internet bank,
with a debit card, or wait for the payment slip that will be sent to you by Transport Agency.

You can apply for a learner's permit for the entire Group 1 or only one / few of driving privileges.
If you think you will want to have learner's permit for multiple permissions within 5 years?
Apply for these at the same time, and would not need to pay the filing fee several times.
We recommend that you choose Group 1 (all permissions).

Note Please do not submit proof of your payment.
We get details of your payment directly from bank and postal giro.

Proceed to the Application for a learner's permit (opens in new window)

When you apply directly through the Internet, you will be able to fill health declaration online using e-services.
Using this e-service is a quicker way to file your application and you will not need to order home a traditional
form of learner's permit with a health declaration.

You must complete your application for a learner's permit with an eye exam form.
Sight-testing can be performed by licensed physicians, opticians and some driving schools.

One tip is to order home form "Synintyg" through our e-service
"Beställ blankett".
When you get the form in your mail with your personal data, bring it with you to nearest optometrist,
driving school or a doctor who will give you a sight-testing.
Remember that synintyget(the form) should not be older than two months when you submit it to the Transportation Board.

After completion of ophthalmic testing synintyget send to:
Transport Agency
701 97 ÖREBRO

Order Form (opens in new window)

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