Good to know, about us working at Kista tarfikskola.

We can assist you in English with the following things.

We are not the best in the English language but we have helped
many English-speaking students with driving lessons in car and
and theoretical education.

We do our best to help you through the English language so that
you understand how to drive a car in its entirety. But keep in
mind that English is not our everyday language, so your education
can take a little longer.

We have theoretical questions and tests in English which the
English-speaking students appreciated.

We have no English lectures. But we do our best to explain the
theoretical concepts and rules for you individually.

We have the theoretical Risk1 and supervisor training which is
essential when practicing driving at home but not in English.
Some parts of these courses we have in English but not the
full course.

At the reception when you call or email us we will do our best
so you can understand us and that You will be pleased with us.

Remember that we do utmost to ensure that you are happy with us.

Warm welcome.

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